December 15, 2010

Extend Strive Not to Drive Week at Biltmore Park

As some of you may know, we are heading towards the end of Asheville's 19th Annual Strive Not to Drive week. The event, designed to encourage commuters to use alternative forms of transportation, could not be better suited for this region. The city is thriving with local eccentricity and sophistication. With a vibrant arts scene, an outdoor enthusiast's playground, and a style and atmosphere unique to the city, Asheville always seems to be on the cutting edge of new ideas, including the growing trend to go green.

The week-long event is raising awareness of the benefits and opportunities of both public transportation and personal transportation alternatives, including riding bikes and walking. On Monday, May 11th, Mayor Terry Bellamy kicked off the week by leading a bike ride and then a press conference, stressing the importance of reducing personal vehicle use. Public transit even joined in by lowering fares and by participating in providing education about how to use the bus system.

At Biltmore Park Town Square, community design, office tenants, and sustainable features are taking Asheville's push to go green to a new level. Rather than simply celebrating for a week, Biltmore Park's design demonstrates a lifetime commitment to environmental responsibility. Visitors can walk to everything they need. Stroll to the bank or pharmacy for necessities, and then enjoy shopping, relaxing at the spa, taking in a movie, or dining at one of the many restaurants. Of course, for office tenants and residents, the walkable town center has even more of an impact. And with several LEED-certified buildings and a Hilton Hotel with a large-scale solar water heating system, Biltmore Park is helping to reduce its carbon footprint along with that of their visitors.

Just one of the places you will want to see when you visit Town Square is REI, and if a green lifestyle is what you are after, they have experts on hand to help you find what you need. In addition to Strive Not to Drive week, May is Bike to Work Month, and REI is a great resource to get you started. Throughout the month, they are offering free bike safety inspections and a free tire/tube change with the purchase of a tire/tube. Call REI at 828-687-0918, and then stop by to make sure your bike is ready for the road.