December 16, 2010

Good Planning Makes Good Neighbors: Sharing Warmth within Our Community

This past weekend Western North Carolina experienced its largest snowstorm in more than a decade.  While many in WNC were without power, the residents and businesses of Biltmore Park were able to keep their doors open to friends and family.  Thanks to many years of planning that resulted in multiple electric feeds and underground utilities, the community did not lose power throughout the winter storm.  Many homes, condos and apartments—along with the Hilton hotel and the restaurants in Town Square–were able to become sanctuaries to those without electricity.  Biltmore Farms heard of many families in Biltmore Park who hosted friends who did not have power.

Biltmore Park was able to sustain power throughout the weekend due to the planning and investment in infrastructure during the community’s creation.  “Biltmore Park receives service from two different Progress Energy substations.  These multiple substation feeds make it unlikely that the Park will lose power and assure a very robust and reliable system” stated Lee Thomason, Vice President of Construction of Biltmore Farms, LLC.

Town Square residents, like Carolyn Jones, enjoyed watching two teenagers from Miami build an igloo from her apartment balcony along Town Square Boulevard.  Carolyn provided the accompanied image of a snow covered Town Square.

Visitors were able to dine at our various restaurants, complete their holiday shopping and enjoy a movie at the theater.  Jack Cecil, President, Biltmore Farms, LLC believes, “that this is a perfect example of community building at work.  We are very pleased that others could share in our community this past weekend.”