December 16, 2010

Learn Something New in Town Square

With the start of a new school year, parents are sure to have a mix of emotions as they send their children off for another semester of learning, extracurricular activities, and more. It can be hard knowing that the fun days of spending time with family and friends in the sun will soon be replaced with busy schedules and hints of fall, but it's also important to remember that when you live in Asheville, fun is never hard to find.

Biltmore Park Town Square is one of the best places in the region to find entertainment and opportunities to visit with loved ones, and for parents who are sad to see their children back in school, it's also a great place to join in on the fun and learn something, too.

Start your own fall curriculum at REI Asheville, where you'll find a number of free classes, activities, and presentations that promise to educate and entertain. From learning about birding and wildlife photography to hearing insight on how to choose the best gear for your next backpacking trip, REI is sure to help you broaden your skill set and knowledge base regarding everything outdoor adventure.

Echo Gallery at Biltmore Park is also a good option if you're interested in learning something new. As a co-op, artists are always on hand to tell you more about their craft and the process behind the pieces you'll find in the store. You may even be inspired to try your own hand at painting or pottery, or perhaps you'll find the perfect piece of art for your home.

If something more active is what you are seeking, classes and membership to the Y is the best place to begin. The state-of-the-art facility is the perfect place to stay in tune with your wellness goals as the temperatures in autumn begin to drop, and there are experts on hand to teach you about nutrition, exercise, and more.

Whatever your choice may be, we hope to see you soon in Biltmore Park Town Square for some fun, entertainment, relaxation, and even learning.