December 15, 2010

Make Netriplex Your Office Neighbor

With a brand new movie theater, state-of-the-art YMCA, national retailers, and highly anticipated apartments, condos, and townhomes, most area residents know that Biltmore Park Town Square is quickly becoming a shopping and residential hub for Asheville. However, the town center offers far more than recreation and relaxation. One of the benefits of the area is that visitors can play, live, and work all within the convenience of a New Urbanism development. Biltmore Park Town Square has many ideally-located office spaces designed to meet the needs of large companies and individuals. Netriplex, a leading provider in eBusiness solutions, is just one of the tenants already enjoying the benefits of working in Town Square.

Founded in 1999, Netriplex is constantly expanding to meet the needs of their clients. They serve a diverse group from many different business backgrounds, and they offer a wide array of services. They provide remote data backup, award-winning technical support, eBusiness solutions, upgrade capability, 24/7 systems management, globally positioned DNS, and reliable spam filters. By locating their headquarters in Biltmore Park, Netriplex is able to maintain world-class facilities, perfectly designed to help them succeed.

Biltmore Farms, LLC, the company behind the South Asheville town center development, is thrilled to have Netriplex as one of their office neighbors, especially since Biltmore Farms is one of their clients. Netriplex helps them increase their uptime and move information faster, which, in this day and time, is crucial to business communication.

If you lease office space in Town Square, Biltmore Farms and Netriplex won't be your only great neighbors because new retailers, residents, and businesses continue to establish themselves in the area. Whether large or small, companies and individuals are discovering that they can help their business by settling in an ideal location while also insuring a quality of life in the workplace. Office spaces feature sustainable designs, amenities within walking distance, and plenty of venues and restaurants where you can meet with clients, including the luxirous and elegant Hilton Asheville. To learn more about leasing office space, please click here.