December 16, 2010

The University of Phoenix Expands Services

After a year of functioning as a great academic resource for students in the Asheville community, the University of Phoenix Learning Center in Biltmore Park Town Square is working on expanding their services. With an ideal location that is noted for its shopping, dining, and entertainment venues, students and professionals who take advantage of the center are also able to enjoy the benefits of having everything they need in one place. The center provides students with a quiet place to study, on-demand tutoring, an area for collaborative learning, and financial and enrollment support, and the surrounding amenities work well to support their needs.

Geared towards students who have full-time jobs, families, or participate in other activities that they don't want to sacrifice when going back to school, the University of Phoenix offers flexible schedules and a variety of different learning paces to suit the individual needs of every student. Now, the University of Phoenix is making continuing education even more convenient and accessible by opening their doors to on-site classes at the Town Square location. Right now, classes are scheduled to take place every Thursday evening from 6 to 10 p.m., and beginning mid-March, they will expand to include Monday and Tuesday evenings as well.

The surrounding restaurants and offices also cater to those whose schedules are full and for those in need of immediate access to services. In Biltmore Park Town Square, students, professionals, families, and more find that they are able to complete all of their errands and fulfill all of their needs, including finding a place to work and live, in one place, making it an ideal location for the Learning Center. To learn more about the classes at the University of Phoenix, call them at 828-654-1000.