December 16, 2010

Art in town square

If you have visited Biltmore Park Town Square recently you have probably noticed some unique additions along Town Square Boulevard.  Grovewood Gallery recently installed seven large spinning wind sculptures near Cecil Park and two large whimsical butterfly benches near Barnes & Noble.

Grovewood Gallery and Biltmore Park chose three veteran artists to place their work in Town Square, Lyman Whitaker and Francis and Cindy Vega.  Lyman Whitaker, a sculptor for over 40 years, is a Utah artist whose wind sculptures are created from copper and steel.  These materials provide a high degree of mechanical integrity and are well respected as quality craftsmanship.  The kinetic sculptures move with the shifting wind and are reasonably priced between $800 for the smallest, up to $2800 for the largest.  The other two artists, Francis and Cindy Vega, of Durham NC, produce metal benches out of steel; the two benches featured in Biltmore Park are their popular Butterfly Bench.  These whimsical benches sell between $2800 for the medium sized, up to $3600 for the largest.  Contact Grovewood Gallery for purchase inquires at or 877.622.7238.