December 15, 2010

The Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute Finds a Place at Biltmore Park

Western North Carolina has a long history of ecological awareness, and the Asheville area is often considered a pioneer in social consciousness; community gardens, environmental action groups, and new standards in green building abound. Biltmore Farms is excited to a part of this, and in turn, they are happy to have the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute as an office tenant in Biltmore Park Town Square.

BRSI promotes fresh thinking and provides the tools and knowledge necessary to a range of groups in order to help continue and improve sustainability throughout the region. By melding scientific, applied, and action research, BRSI hopes to better understand the interdependence between social, environmental, and economic development, while creating new models for sustainable behavior, becoming an example both regionally and nationally.

Of course, BRSI could not be located in a more fitting place. As they share with others the knowledge needed to develop a green economy, they also exemplify  environmental sensitivity by working from Biltmore Park Town Square. As a high density, multi-use development, Town Square centralizes residences, modern conveniences, and resources for a healthy lifestyle all within walking distance of one another, reducing pollutants associated with driving.

The Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute works hard to educate the community about the benefits of going green. Some of their projects include "Green Mondays," hosting the International Sustainability Conference in Asheville, development of environmental analytic systems, and water quality threat assessment. The advisory council for BRSI is comprised of local leaders from academic, building, government, and non-profit backgrounds, which allows for a multi-faceted perspective and action plan. Visit their website to learn more about their values and projects.

Click here to learn more about how you and your business can become more sustainable at Biltmore Park Town Square.