December 4, 2012

Holiday Shopping Tips!

It’s already December and even though the weather outside is not frightful, Christmas is just around the corner. Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

Here are shopping tips to make shopping a little more fun.

Plan Ahead: Make a List, Check it Twice!

Make a list of every single person you need to shop for, your gift ideas for them, and how much you plan to spend on them. Don’t forget to pick up ‘general’ gifts for occasions when you’ve either forgotten someone, or received a gift you didn’t plan on and need a quick gift to give.

Compare prices and products online, sign up to receive emails with specials and discounts from your favorite retailers and research ahead of time to save money and keep driving to a minimum. You can do all of your shopping at Biltmore Park to save on driving, too!

Common Sense Shopping Tips

Shop with retailers you know and trust. You may also speak to them in person about their return and exchange policies. Keep all receipts and warranties, just in case. Let a charity group wrap your gifts and save time for shopping. Mail gifts as soon as possible to ensure they arrive on time, and avoid the crowds by shopping during the earliest or latest hours.

Stocking Stuffers: Gift Cards and More!

Gift cards are the perfect gift for teachers, babysitters, and those on your list that you don’t know personally. You can buy gift cards from retailers and restaurants, keeping your budget in tact in the process.

Don’t forget about you!

Wear comfortable shoes, take water and snacks with you, don’t forget your all-important ‘List’ – and remember to treat yourself!

Happy Holidays from Biltmore Park Town Square!