December 15, 2010

Life at Biltmore Park

The beginning of April marked the opening of the first apartments in Biltmore Park Town Square. Since then, the town center has become home to many residents. One of those residents, Carolyn Jones, shares her reflections on and experience in the community:

"My husband Dave and I moved into an apartment over Barnes and Noble at Biltmore Park Town Square on April 10th. Jason and the leasing staff, as well as thebalcony_smir support personnel, have gone far beyond our expectations in making our transition to Asheville enjoyable and stress-free. There are always issues in new developments, and we appreciate their prompt attention to detail and resourcefulness in resolving those issues.

We have a home in Winston-Salem, but we spend 3 out of every 4 weeks at the apartment. Dave is a pharmacist and has opened a new pharmacy in Mars Hill. Because Biltmore Park is so convenient to I-26, his commute to Mars Hill is quick and easy. Before moving in to our apartment, we thought we would be here the minimum time required for the job. Much to our surprise, we have elected to spend most leisure hours here. Today we used some of that free time to cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is also in close proximity to Biltmore Park. Within ten miles, we had already driven through six tunnels and had enjoyed several overlooks. Next on our list is to explore the nearby walking trails and check out the offerings of the YMCA.

It's also lovely to have options when I don't want to make dinner. We've enjoyed Brixx Pizza and P.F. Chang's several times, and we look forward to the upcoming opening of 131 Main Restaurant. Interesting developments seems to attract interesting, upbeat people with big smiles and friendly hellos. Among the tenants, there is an unspoken connection: "We're experiencing this together, so we have a built-in bond."

As we watch from our apartment balcony, the secrets of the development unfold daily as multiple craftsmen ply their trades. We've made a game of predicting the shape and function of street-level projects. Bricklayers, electricians, engineers, lighting specialist, horticulurists, and metal workers have provided hours of interesting leisure time for us. I think balcony-watching is my husband's favorite entertainment–either that or he is just smiling because he's not the one doing all that hard work.

Regardless of the accuracy of our speculation about precise details of the completed community, it is fun to know that we will benefit from the imagination and dream of the developers. The important aspects for us are already apparent: a well-designed community that promotes social interaction, encourages physical fitness, and provides local goods and services that are easily accessible."

~Carolyn Jones

Biltmore Park Town Square Resident