December 16, 2010

Town Square Welcomes Find Great People International

From our relationships with our employers and co-workers, to our interactions with people who help us everyday while we shop, work, enjoy entertainment, and more, finding the right people to fill the right jobs can make a big difference in our days, weeks, and, ultimately, in our lives. That difference is the reason why, on Wednesday, September 22nd, more than one hundred people gathered outside of Two Town Square in Biltmore Park Town Square to welcome Find Great People (FGP) International.

FGP International began in 1982 as an executive search firm and has since expanded to also offer IT recruiting, temporary staffing, and HR consulting. "As our business has grown," FGP states on their website, "we've seen a unique opportunity in Asheville to help all the great companies of the area grow by helping them find, develop, retain and transition employees."

That sentiment was echoed by John Uprichard, CEO of FGP International, at the ribbon cutting and networking even on Wednesday, as he emphasized the importance of workforce and economic development in Western North Carolina and recognized that those priorities are complemented by Biltmore Park Town Square's focus on development.

Representatives of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce held the ceremonial ribbon while Uprichard and his associates spoke about their hope to become a community partner to local non-profit organizations before cutting through it with the help of Jack Cecil, President of Biltmore Farms. Event attendees enjoyed heavy hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and music while learning more about the company from Jes Garner Williams, who will be leading the company's Asheville team.

Biltmore Park Town Square is happy to welcome the company to their growing community of office tenants. Next time you are in Town Square, stop by FGP International's office in Suite 249 at Two Town Square Boulevard to welcome them. You can also learn more by visiting their website at