February 13, 2024

The Perfect Love Note of Hope, Joy, and Sweets

At the start of February, bundled up in coats and scarves, our team set out to put together a Valentine’s giveaway featuring some of our sweetest businesses. Two weeks and a hundred entries later, we had no idea the winner would be celebrating more than just a prize of cupcakes, popcorn, and dog treats this Valentine’s week.

Picking up the Love Note board, nestled inside Smallcakes Cupcakes and Creamy, we cooed reading the messages from mothers to daughters, from wives to husbands, and to our furry friends. Glittery and full of sincerity, we felt like the mission of Valentine’s cheer was accomplished at Biltmore Park Town Square. However, there was work to be done to choose a winner for the coveted giveaway, a truly special showing of tasty wonder for humans and pets alike. Smallcakes donated an entire “choose your own” box of cupcakes and a $10 dollar gift card to their delicious cupcake and creamery shop. Woof Gang shared a bag full of dog treats and a $25 dollar gift card to use on your favorite puppy. Finally, Poppy Popcorn wrapped up four bags of their famous popcorn. A gift package perfect for everyone with a sweet and salty tooth and a dog in their lives.

Picking a winner was as simple as a hand pulling out paper from a box. Hours and a warm phone call later, we met with Cynthia, a local who loves to shop and dine in Biltmore Park Town Square, to hand over her prize. She was delighted, exclaiming these stores were her favorites in Biltmore Park Town Square and the perfect gifts for her loved ones. But beyond winning the treats and gift cards, this week was special for another reason. Valentine’s Day would be her final in her cancer treatment. Surrounded by her friends and family, she can share her winnings, and truly celebrate a monumental milestone in her life. Her excitement was radiant, and we left feeling buoyed by Cynthia’s story.

We couldn’t have written a better Valentine’s Day note if we tried, one of hope, of friends and family, and of heart-filling joy.

Thanks to Smallcakes, Woofgang, and Poppy Popcorn for donating and participating in this special giveaway!