December 16, 2010

Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions at Biltmore Park

From getting in shape to eating well to simply spending more time with friends and family, New Year's resolutions can easily change from exciting goals into burdensome obligations. Since we've said farewell to 2009, many of us have been reflecting back on a year that was marked by both achievements and obstacles, and we are all looking forward to a fresh start. We've been working hard and juggling hectic schedules, so this New Year's, rather than add more to our plates with challenging resolutions, we should consider how we can make them rewarding and convenient for a great start to 2010.

At Biltmore Park Town Square, sidewalks connect national retailers to shops that are unique to Asheville, fine dining venues to casual restaurants, office tenants to residents, and a movie theater to a cooperative gallery. The multi-use center allows visitors to find everything they need in one convenient location, including plenty of opportunities to help them stay on track this year.

If your resolution is to get in shape, then start by joining the Reuter Family YMCA. The state-of-the-art gym boasts a climbing wall, an unparalleled aquatics center, and plenty of personal attention to help you reach your goals. You can support your new habits by choosing wisely when dining out, too. 131 Main Restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients, and P.F. Chang's and roux offer several healthy options. You may also consider just letting loose and having more fun in 2010 by visiting Asheville's only stadium seat movie theater or by catching the big game at Hickory Tavern.

Of course, if your resolutions are more professional than they are recreations, Town Square can help with that, too. As the premier location for Asheville office space, Biltmore Park offers plenty of options that can help your store or business succeed. And if all of this sounds great to you, you may even want to consider an apartment, condo, or townhome. Town Square's residential spaces place you in the heart of the center, allowing for a convenient walk to work, dinner, and more.

Whatever you resolution may be, we wish you the best of luck in 2010, and we hope to see you soon.