August 30, 2013

Baggie Goose Moving to Biltmore Park

After 40+ years in the historic Biltmore Village, the Baggie Goose—a retail store specializing in paper, gifts, and custom invitations—is moving to a larger locale in Biltmore Park Town Square. 

The store will share a new space with local florist “Blossoms at Biltmore Park” at 8 Town Square Blvd.  Blossoms is also undergoing a move from their previous, smaller location.

The co-owners of Blossoms—Adrienne Kort, Alan Kirsch, and Audrey Kirsch—bought the Baggie Goose in 2009.  The store has had multiple owners since the 1970s when the Bagleys and the Goosemans first opened its doors. 

While it is bittersweet to leave the historic Biltmore Village, the owners of the Baggie Goose are thrilled that their two businesses will now share one roof in the growing Biltmore Park Town Square area.

With floral, stationery, invitations, gifts, event design, and everything else one might need to celebrate a wide range of special events, the marriage of these two retailers will certainly be a fortuitous one.