December 15, 2010

Blossoms At Biltmore Park Has Valentine’s Day Advice

As Valentine’s Day approaches, store fronts, supermarkets, and perhaps even our homes are turning various shades of red, pink, and white. Children are beginning to create their secret admirer cards and couples look towards dinner reservations and time together. Of course, the one element that always seems vital to the success of the dreamiest holiday of the year are flowers, and Blossoms, located at Two Town Square Boulevard in Biltmore Park, Suite 140, is gearing up for their February orders.

The store is inviting, with the fragrance of lilies and roses settling in the room. With the winter months in full swing, the scents are a welcome reminder of spring and definitely make a visit to the store well worth it. Blossoms is sophisticatedly designed and decorated with minimalist touches, letting the flowers and elegant curves of vases make their own statements. With an open design area, the florist shop emanates a fresh and creative energy. Entrusted to represent some of the greatest messages in life—love, empathy, congratulations—floral designers have a lot to live up to, and the experts at Blossoms are definitely up to the task. Owned and operated by four friends, Alan and Audrey Kirsch, and Adrienne and Richard Kort, the shop is distinguished by their unusual yet elegant designs.

For Valentine’s Day, Alan advises that customers "should think outside of the red rose," citing tulips, orchids, and an assortment of spring flowers as a good alternative. Of course, if you aren’t celebrating with a special someone this year, Alan also suggests sending Valentine’s flowers to your parents, children, or friends. The selection at Blossoms also offers some great choices for buying a fresh and fun gift for you. Whatever the need, Blossoms is confident in their ability to satisfy your arrangement requests, and visitors can see why just by stopping by their store.

Blossoms is happy to work with you on weddings, special events, and gift bouquets. Please visit their website or stop by their store to see examples of their designs and to learn about Valentine’s Day specials and year-round deals, or call them at 828-650-6464 for more information.