December 16, 2010

Dinokinetics Brings Interactive Art to Town Square

Jurassic Park meets Asheville. Even for such an artistic town, it's not a picture that is easily imagined, but for one Biltmore Park Town Square tenant, the combination makes perfect sense. Dinokinetics, an interactive exhibit that combines engineering, art, and science, opened its doors earlier this month to art enthusiasts, curious onlookers, and everyone in between.

Designed and executed by the late and well-known River Arts District artist John Payne, the exhibit, which is now being generously displayed by his family, is comprised of large, steel dinosaur skeletons that visitors can move using pulley systems and gameboy controllers. But while the creatures sound fun, they are also quite beautiful.

Inspired by his love for natural history, Payne completed the dinosaurs over the course of four years, fulfilling his dream to be both an educator and artist. Dinokinetics is just as versatile and has enjoyed success in Chicago's Field Museum as well as among groups of young school children. With a location in Biltmore Park Town Square, the exhibit promises to have the same widespread appeal in Asheville, and the space is open to everyone from field trips and retirement groups to fundraisers and cocktail parties. Dinokinetics even offers the opportunity to book a birthday party where a prehistoric safari tour guide will lead children around and teach them about the different dinosaurs on display.

To learn more about Dinokinetics, call 828-676-1622 or 828-301-3797. Admission is $5 per person, and children under the age of three are admitted free of charge.