December 16, 2010

Personalize Your Holiday Party at Town Square

As the last full week of school and work before a few breaks for the holidays draws to a close, the stresses from studying, working, shopping, and making travel and party plans are starting to intermingle and are making it feel as though the holidays are a burden as heavy as a stocking full of coal. Your houses are probably unrecognizable under a whirlwind of gift wrap, tinsel, and cookie crumbs, and you are most likely spending more time in the kitchen worrying about recipes than you are enjoying the end results. While Biltmore Park Town Square can't erase all of the stressors, it can assist you by providing a few creative ideas for wisking away worry as you prepare for your holiday party.

Go Local. If you are worried about your home being holiday ready for your seasonal soiree, consider moving the venue to a restaurant in Town Square. Travinia Italian Kitchen, 131 Main, and roux have warm, elegant atmospheres and are well-equipped to assist you with your special event.

Get Organized. If you do decide to host everyone in your home, head to Dwellings or Barnes & Noble for some quick pre-party organization solutions. Barnes & Noble is fully stocked with sophisticated options for your home office, and Dwellings will help you update your decor and discreetly hide your frenzied gift wrapping efforts.

Keep it Simple. A creative and cost-saving idea for your party is to combine traditional centerpieces with items that you will enjoy year-round. Order flower arrangements from Blossoms, and accent the look with candles you already have. If you don't have any you want to show off, visit Sensibilities Spa or Dwellings.

Double Dip. But we don't mean into the cranberry sauce. Try doubling one party necessity for another. For example, throw a spa party for your friends, and let the theme double as entertainment and favors. Sensibilities Spa is happy to help you stock up on bathrobes, home fragrance, bath and beauty supplies, and even jewelry.

Find Another Way to Give. This year, serve your favorite holiday recipes in a cermaic bowl from Echo Gallery. The proceeds go to MANNA FoodBank along with 5% of all other purchases. You may also consider an alternative to BYOB on your holiday event invite. Try asking guests to bring their own donations, and collect money for an organization like the Animal Compassion Network, which Sparrow Spa supports.

No matter what your needs are, retailers at Biltmore Park Town Square will do their best to help you. So stop by and be inspired. Have fun, and have a happy holiday.