December 15, 2010

Volvo’s Wellness Warriors Lead the Way

Let's face it–the gym can be an intimidating place. Whether beginner or expert, we've all had to start exercising at some point, and while the end results are more than welcome, getting motivated to begin that journey toward fitness is often filled with obstacles. One tenant in Biltmore Park, however, is taking advantage of their unique location in order to overcome the intimidation of exercise so that nobody falls off course.

Biltmore Park Town Square offers more than office space, shops, apartments, and condos–it features a unique opportunity for a healthy lifestyle, and Volvo Construction, in partnership with the Reuter Family YMCA, has established "Wellness Warriors," a program that has grown from 12 to 87 out of 150 employee participants since its inception.

With a one size doesn't fit all attitude, the program is premised on the importance of variety and personal achievement, with accountability, motivation, support, and passion being the keys to success. From kickboxing classes to adventure racing, there are always new activites for participants of all levels. With motivational movie nights, a wall of fame showcasing success stories, and nutritional lunch incentives, work has lost its dreaded connotation and has become synonymous with encouragement. "People are happier, healthier, and more energetic. Apart from being in better shape, we've also seen a reduction in healthcare costs and increased productivity," explains Todd Gothberg of Volvo. "And of course it's incredible to see somebody who couldn't walk a 5K at the beginning of the year run a marathon by the end."

At Volvo, stories like that are becoming more and more common as employees reach new goals and overcome new obstacles. "I think our success is tied to our location, the YMCA, and the understanding that each person is different. This program is not just for athletes–it's about just trying to get people healthier," says Gothberg. With a neighboring YMCA, restaurants, retail, and residences all within walking distance, Biltmore Park is helping set new standards in creating healthy office environments centered on community.